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140407 Siwon and Hangeng at Jackie Chan’s Birthday Event. [x]

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Anonymous asked:
because it is super junior m

Yea, but I don’t think of them as separate groups. I mean, I could tag it as ‘super junior m’ comeback-wise, I guess, but more so what I meant is that it should have been tagged as ‘super junior’ first for archival purposes. I am just weird about my tags. lol

Also, I think that I am just sensitive about this because ONLY13 pisses me off and has gotten under my skin, and it just feels wrong to tag them as different groups. Henry and Zhoumi get tagged at ‘super junior’ on my blog 100% of the time, and same goes for Hangeng, I don’t have separate tags just to single them out.  

Also, in general, I wouldn’t tag ‘uBEAT’ as anything but ‘u-kiss,’ or ‘Infinite H’ as anything but ‘Infinite.’ That’s how I roll~

I am sleepy. I rant when I am sleepy. lol

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euterpe asked:
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gollumisbeautiful asked:
MBLAQ, Vixx (you can choose either one or both! ^^)




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